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Marriages: Then and Now

Looking back to my childhood, in the memories I always cherish, one is definitely attending the marriage ceremonies especially for the ones I went to my old village.

I can even feel it now, each and everyone, even in their rush hours during lunch time or dinner or even in breakfast ( I actually did not see any lady take rest during that time), used to stop by me and embarrassed me with a kiss on the chick and the same ” look how grown you are “.

When I remember such occasions, what comes first was the feeling of the bond between all the relatives in the evening snacks with loads and loads of gossips, and some scary burst of laughter from elderly people. There, I have seen no ego to come between my well-settled businessman uncle and maternal uncles who hardly earned his living from his farming. And I, on the other hand, found him more happy and alive than my office going dad.

While planning for my daughter’s marriage, in all the preparations to make it a grand one, and in all the rush, what I really missed was the leisurely talk, the friendly gossips, and the homely feelings.

Maybe this was major because in the good old days, any occasion was meant for a family to get together and everyone was present from the day one of every planning. And I have seen every relative doing their part for any occasion.

Nowadays it came down to just one day show where they come, give a nice smile and then we really don’t get time even to get into a conversation in the load of thousand details to look for in a marriage.

And after the war for perfection is over, we were left with the same old nuclear self.

It may be bit difficult to hand over the responsibilities of this special day of your life to an event planner, but the perfection and professionalism they are showing nowadays are phenomenal. Maybe for this one day, we deserve to be our own self, not just perfectionist but also a human being with emotions.