Marriages- The Bong Way

From the time immemorial, marriages are always the most sacred ritual performed in ones life. Beginning from the finalization of bride and groom, it is a series of explorations, discussions, agreements and disagreements in ones family just to make sure the most important days of the life of him/her matches the beauty of their desire.

To make it a perfect one, our parents, grand parents, siblings and even friends give their best for days and months. Even a tiny mistake is taken as a grand negligence and every tits and bits of preparations is revised again and again to make his or her day memorable as heaven.

Bengalies, even in the days of nuclear existence, tunes themselves into the mood of authentic Bengali marriages and come together to share their nostalgic attachment to the ethnicity of bong culture.

Dream bubbles salutes the spirit of bongs to attach themselves to the root of their culture while spreading their mighty wings to every corner of Earth and dedicates their every effort of designing marriages to the level of dreams coming true to every bengalies.